E for Link: tablets in retirement homes for better communication

The young Ariège company E For IA (born in 2019) is a publisher and distributor of software solutions and applications “Made in France” and in this case, software intended for EHPADs, senior residences and more generally for health establishments (health and medico-social).

In practice, this new kind and tailor-made communication tool is dedicated to informing families about the daily life of their elders while facilitating exchanges between residents and their relatives and enhancing the actions of accommodation establishments. .

Through a daily report on the life of the resident and his family, this tablet promotes transparency on the well-treatment of dependent people in health establishments. If the COVID news has accentuated this need for communication, it was already present, in particular for family members who are geographically distant from their eldest. »Specifies Laurent Gaussin from E For IA.

More specifically, this tablet (Samsung) is configured by the establishment. It is installed in the resident’s room. Beyond the communication between the elderly person and his family, it allows the staff to transmit to the families information on the care lavished on the resident, on his mood, his appetite, the activities in which he participated …

Relatives can access this information via the E For Link interface on their computer, tablet or smartphone. In return, the family can send the establishment information useful for the care of the resident.

Note that the tablet has been designed for intuitive use for residents and quick for staff. The use of emoji, pictograms, badges… thus allows staff to enter information in three clicks maximum!

Entering an institution is often synonymous with loss of autonomy but also environmental, social and emotional losses. Whether it is the result of a personal choice or that of the entourage, arriving in a retirement home is always an upheaval and marks a “break” in the history of the person and his family. The lack of information contributes to reinforce this feeling of being pulled away. Since the installation of tablets in our establishments, we have noted an improvement in the morale of residents and a decrease in calls from families to the staff of the establishment. »Specifies Delphine Bourreau, Managing Director of the ARVI Group.


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