€15.99 RED 200GB package: an offer dedicated to streaming fans –

Streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix or TikTok consume a lot of mobile data. When you regularly use these apps on your smartphone, it’s important to have a suitable mobile plan so you don’t run out of gigs quickly. Obviously, we’re talking about a maxi data plan here, and the RED 200GB plan is one of the most compelling deals on the market right now.
The RED by SFR mobile plan is displayed at €15.99 per month. This is already considered a very economical offer, given that some competing operators have a package with half of its Internet shell for more than 20 euros per month. The fact that this offer is unconditional (i.e. its price does not change after a year) makes it more attractive.

In terms of content, this mobile plan includes 200GB of 4G mobile data in metropolitan France, including 24GB usable in Europe and overseas departments. It also includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS that customers can use in France and from Europe/DOM. However, there are some limitations, such as a maximum of 3 hours per call and a limit of 200 different recipients per month for calls and SMS/MMS.

As usual, this RED by SFR plan can be upgraded with several paid options such as 5G for an additional €3 per month or the international option for an additional €5 per month.

This mobile plan is obviously optional. After registration, you will not need to stay with the operator for 12 or 24 months. Changing the offer as a termination can be done at any time without cost or supporting documents.

It is also possible to save the current phone number, and it’s free. The only fee that you will have to pay when you subscribe is related to the activation of the SIM card and is 10 euros.

In short, here’s what to remember from this RED by SFR proposal:

  • 200 GB of 4G mobile data in metropolitan France
  • 24 GB mobile data on 4G from Europe and DOM
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from Europe/DOM
  • SFR network coverage
  • No obligation and no duration condition
  • Triple SIM for 10 €

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