E3 2021: The Anacrusis announced in funky trailer, a coop FPS ‘in space

Game news E3 2021: The Anacrusis announced in funky trailer, a coop FPS ‘in space

A new Microsoft exclusive was announced last night during the Summer Game Fest: It is The Anacrusis, a playable FPS in cooperation which will take place in a huge space station.

Left 4 Dead has inspired many developers, like those housed at Stray Bombay: to tell the truth, it even makes sense when we know that the studio is led by Chet Faliszek, who has already worked for a long time on the games by Turtle Rock Studios as well as Portal or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This very recent firm therefore took advantage of the Summer Game Fest 2021, last night, to unveil its new project called The Anacrusis.

It’s a four-player, co-op FPS with the simple goal of taking on endless waves of aliens in a massive space station, all in a quirky, decidedly disco tone. The 70s are therefore often referenced there, creating a light and rather colorful atmosphere.

Good to know : The Anacrusis will be a Microsoft exclusive, so the game will only be released on PC, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One. No release date has nevertheless been communicated, but a first trailer will allow you to see more clearly while waiting for more information.

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