€80,000 missing: Revolut still refuses to refund a customer whose account has been siphoned off

Within a week, Alison’s Revolut online banking account was withdrawn. 80,000 euros were wasted on 6 transfers to a payment platform and 10 credit card payments on cryptocurrency trading sites. And today Revolut refuses to reimburse her expenses.

A few months ago, Alexandra, a victim of credit card fraud, described how her Internet bank Revolut took more than two months to refund her the defrauded 15,000 euros. RMC has since realized that he was not the only one in this situation.

Among the listeners who wrote to is Alison, a 30-year-old self-employed woman whose Revolut account was completely emptied in less than a week. In total, about 80,000 euros spent on 6 transfers to the PaySafe payment platform and 10 credit card payments on cryptocurrency trading sites.

Alison’s first reflex: contact Revolut via her chat (this is the only way). The online bank then reassures and insists: there are funds, they tell him, but “you just don’t see them” because of a bug in the application. But the next day, a radical change of speech: Revolut tells him that, in fact, yes, the money has been written off:

“It really affected me. I was 7 and a half months pregnant and because of this I gave birth prematurely. These are all my savings. m will have to pay the notary 5% of the fee. I saved and worked in vain in fact. A failed life project,” she laments into the RMC microphone.

Bank still refuses to refund

And worst of all, Revolut is refusing to refund her on the grounds that no “unauthorized access to her account” has been found. Alison has been battling a support fraud complaint since July. She wrote to the dispute department of a bank based in Lithuania. But nothing helps. The young woman is left confused.

“The account is being emptied in less than a week on such large amounts, we warn the client, but this is not the case. We feel like we’ve been completely abandoned. They don’t even respond to the chat anymore, they say they can no longer process our request, and it is disconnected, ”says Alison.

Revolut hides behind professional secrecy

Well, it’s the same as the first time. Revolut is hiding behind banking secrecy so as not to answer us on the merits of the case. However, we are assured that additional investigations are underway.

Meanwhile, Alison’s lawyer sent a legal notice to the company. For our part, we will restart Revolut next week, hoping that this time it won’t take 2 and a half months to resolve the file. Recall that in France every 4 seconds a person becomes a victim of bank fraud.

Amelie Rosic, Joanna Chabas and Elise Denjean

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