EA: After snubling single-player games, publisher is interested in them again – step towards redemption

After reporting a possible takeover, EA clarifies its stance on single-player games by stepping back. They are always important… but not the top priority.

It’s never too late to change your mind… After some very bad signals were sent to players about the importance of single player games at EA, the publisher changed its mind.

Single-player games like EA again

In recent years, we cannot say that EA has been very reassuring about the place of single-player games in their strategy. Between the shutdown of Visceral Games and the controversial tweet, the publisher only further tarnished its image. And that’s even if Electronic Arts could sign solo games like the essential It Takes Two or the very good Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, two apps that proved to the company that you can always succeed without going through a multiplayer game.

During a recent meeting with investors, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, took the time to broach this sensitive subject. For him, single-player games are still a very important part of the business.

We know that our players have fundamental motives: inspiration, escape, competition, self-improvement and creation. The things that bring us together as players, creating worlds, creating characters, and telling stories are really important to realizing these motifs. We believe that single player games are a very, very important part of our catalog. We study our community of players, look at how they spend their time and how these motives can be satisfied or not. And then we’re looking to expand that by adding new online games, new multiplayer games, and new single player games.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor and single-player FPS Apex Legends testify to this twist.

…but service games weigh more on the scale

However, Chris Su, EA’s chief financial officer, softens that statement. Single player games are fine, but multiplayer apps are still better for monetization in the long run.

Andrew explained it well, but when we think about the impact of the model on the financial situation, the first thing to keep in mind is that the game service still makes up more than 70% of our business during the year. It is a proven, highly reliable and regular source of income that will remain the main driver of our PNL (Profit and Loss, Editor’s Note: Profit and Loss Statement) in the long run.

Through Twinfinite.

Regarding the acquisition of Electronic Arts, the publisher also gave an answer.

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