EA extends NHL deal RDS Video Games

Electronic Arts (EA) decided to extend its partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) and its Players Association (AJLNH) on Thursday.

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Although the exact duration of this extension has not yet been officially announced, EA ensures that the partnership has been renewed for “several years”. This agreement will notably allow EA to continue to develop its “authentic” hockey video game offering for years to come.

“Over the past 30 years, NHL video games have become synonymous with hockey culture, and this new agreement ensures that we can continue to bring together millions of fans around the world interactively through hockey,” said said EA Sports Senior Vice President Cam Weber.

The new deal comes as EA Sports’ NHL franchise saw its highest number of active players in the past three years when NHL 21 launched.

“The past eight months have demonstrated how EA is an extension of the sport, as fans turned to NHL video games to play and watch hockey while we were on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic Responded NHL Senior Vice President Brian Jennings.

“Our shared approach has allowed the League to reach younger fans who may have discovered the NHL for the first time through video games,” he added. EA allows us to create a lasting bond with our fans and we are excited to continue this partnership. ”

The NHLPA also welcomed this announcement on Thursday morning.

“Being able to put yourself in the shoes of the players and jump on the ice with NHL games from EA Sports is an amazing way for fans to connect with the players and the sport of hockey,” said the Special Assistant of the Hockey League. Executive Director of the AJLNH, Mathieu Schneider.

Remember that NHL 21 has been available on Ps4 and Xbox One since mid-October. The game will also be available on next-gen consoles when they become available, but will remain the same.

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