EA Play The service registers 13 million active players to date

On February 2, 2020, Electronic Arts released its quarterly results. On this occasion, the American publisher announced that there were now 13 million active players for EA Play, its subscription service, against 6.5 million last November. Thus, in three months, its audience has quite simply doubled! The information was reported on Twitter by Daniel Ahmad, famous analyst specializing in video games at Niko Partners.

It seems obvious that Electronic Arts service benefited from its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Since November 10, on console, the entire EA back catalog is available at no additional cost in Microsoft’s premium subscription. Precision however, this is the number of people actively using EA Play. Players subscribing directly to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and discovering FIFA or Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order are therefore counted.

A very nice number all the same which shows once again the appeal of the services offering an inventory of games. Probably also, for Xbox, the proof that offering subscribers of publisher catalogs is an idea to be realized. For their part, Xbox Game Pass PC players are still awaiting information about the arrival of EA Play in the subscription.

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