EA: Portages, cross-play, diversity, the publisher talks about his new ambitions

In the columns of GamesIndustry, Laura Miele, Chief Studios Officer of EA, shares the giant’s ambitions for the future. On the program: more portages, cross-play, a catalog faithful to the expectations of players, and a welcome area for new players.

EA Play was held a few days ago; an opportunity for the publisher to highlight its sports licenses, titles signed EA Originals, a return of Skateboarding, images of Star Wars: Squadrons, but also the porting of several of its productions on Nintendo Switch. Laura Miele expresses in detail the new perspectives of society.

We want players to be able to play our games wherever they want, which is why we are offering more games on other platforms, including Stadia, Steam, Switch and the Epic Game Store.. We are also making a big effort in cross-play, because we know that one of the fundamental motivations in the game is to connect with friends and family, who can choose to play on another console or platform. The ecosystem in which we operate has changed for the better, and we want to be where the players are.

According to Miele, the best strategy used by the publisher to build its catalog would be to listen to the expectations of the community. Discussing with community leaders is described as a key starting point for producing future content from society, which promises “to listen“.

EA: Portages, cross-play, diversity, the publisher talks about his new ambitionsEA: Portages, cross-play, diversity, the publisher talks about his new ambitions

We share our games with players before we launch them so that we can refine the gameplay and they (the players) can shape the end product, as we did with the Founder’s Edition of Plants Vs Zombies. We have developed the Command & Conquer remaster alongside our community, and we are publishing the source code for them to create their own experiences.

We have been creating free updates for Star Wars Battlefront II for two and a half years so that we can improve this gaming experience, and we just announced Star Wars Squadrons, which includes the Star Wars gameplay that fans have been asking for for a long time. And Skate 4 has just been released at the end of EA Play, which is the biggest fan demand in a decade. We are listening.

In addition to an already established fan community, Miele also hopes to attract new ones, evoking EA’s mission to be more inclusive and welcoming. The giant has also developed a “inclusion frame“, a kind of guidelines that give developers the tools to create more diverse products.

EA: Portages, cross-play, diversity, the editor talks about his new ambitions

We want to make games for everyone, and our games and characters must be as diverse as the communities we serve. One of the ways to do this is our inclusion framework, a set of guidelines designed to challenge our thinking and help our studios develop more inclusive characters and stories through our games.. FIFA is a prime example. The team adopted the framework and does a diversity assessment every year. This allowed the team to ensure that Kim Hunter was a unique character, truly authentic and a first for the game – the first playable female heroine in sports history.

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