Earn money while moving with a motivational app

The Fight Out app allows its users reward for physical effortWith. Basically, it’s all about doing fitness and martial arts to earn tokens. How does this popular new system actually work?

The era of “Move to earn”

“Move to earn” literally means ” Move to victory “. Therefore, it is not necessary to think in order to understand that fight offers its users make money when they move.

However, you will need to do a little more than move. The project encourages its community exerciseand, in particular, fitness and martial arts. Thanks to blockchain technology, the community will be able to win REPS, the project’s on-chain token, when they have physical activity.

OUR REPRESENTATION will allow you to buy various goods in the project store: clothes, gym memberships, or even additional sports equipment. This will allow users to stay motivated as well set a goal to achieve. The fact of distribution of tokens also makes daily practice more interesting and concrete.

“Gamification” of fitness from Fight Out


The second aspect of the project is that it is built how is game. Very close to a “Play to earn” solution, Fight Out encourages a social aspect and works on the image of its app.

Initially, users will have access to NFT who will represent them. This one will be basic and each NFT will have the same specs. However, as practices evolve, they will evolve in line with the needs of the respective users. Ultimately, this data will have a significant impact.

Thus, secondly, the platform will organize meetings and events between users. In addition, they will also be able to compete and use the tokens during sporting events. Thus, the project marks an additional step in the attempt to make fitness accessible, attractive and interesting.

Fight Out organizes a special pre-sale

The ICO started with a relatively low starting price in the first stage. Over time, pre-sale is in full swing. To date, on the official website of the project there is a graph indicating the date and time of the price increase for FGHT.

Thus, the project website offers its visitors the opportunity to buy an FGHT token for USDT or ETH. Users who do not have these cryptocurrencies will be able to buy them directly on the platform using the Fight Out credit card ETH buying solution.

The final price of FGHT will be $0.0333. This will also be the price of the token on the day of its listing on the very first CEX (exchange platform).

A pre-sale bonus is also available, which allows investors to receive up to 67% more tokens. To do this, you will need to invest at least $50,000 to receive a 25% bonus. Investing in vesting within 36 months will also result in a 42% bonus.


Fight out, in your own way revolutionize the fitness industry. The project puts its token at the service of the health of its users, providing them with motivation. In this way, FHT allows its community to play sports while earning money. In a sense this blockchain that cares about health their users.

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