Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Review (PS4)

We’ve seen several Earth Defense Force games on PS4, but Brothers of the World this isn’t your normal rate. Offering a familiar spin-off with voxel graphics, this third-person shooter takes us to Square Earth, where we find this world torn apart by the forces of Dark Tyrant as multiple motherships appear, and it’s ours. to restore it. With isolated troops all over the world, you must save our EDF brothers and sisters on missions to recruit them.

World Brothers retains the central premise of EDF: defending the Earth against giant insects. Working with teams of four, each unit has special abilities plus max capacity, and in 60 missions your goal is to kill all enemies. While you can play solo, online co-op (unfortunately no cross-play) is where EDF really shines, and taking on the hordes is a lot more fun with three other players, and a local two-player split screen is. also available.

Between shooting through destructible environments with various unlockable weapons, from assault rifles to lasers, destroying spawning nests, hordes of insects and the bizarre boss is absurdly satisfying. Each soldier class from the main entries above is present, with a total of 100 characters. And while the repeated vocal lines got a little irritating, there’s something for everyone.

Now, World Brothers is designed as an accessible experience for young players, and with that, combat feels a bit basic. The difficulty is also reduced, but Challenge Seekers can choose more difficult options. There’s a light adventure inside and a lot of self-referencing humor, like the characters judging whether bosses are defeated based on the music being played.

Ultimately, World Brothers is a great introduction for newcomers that will appeal to longtime fans as well. It’s not particularly deep and single player play can feel a bit repetitive over long stretches of time, but if you get a few friends together you’ll have a lot of fun with this colorful spin-off.

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