Eastern Pyrenees: customs officers confiscated 1.5 tons of cannabis resin

The attack is dated November 3rd.

Last Thursday, November 3, while they control the highway in Cerdanya, customs officers are inspecting a heavy vehicle coming from Spain. Drivers of vehicles claim to be driving to the Paris area and drive empty.

The customs officers still decide to open the trailer to inspect it. Upon opening, they discover a pile of bales emitting a strong smell of cannabis. At the end of the excavation, they counted forty packages of cannabis resin with a total weight of 1497 kg. The value of the goods on the illegal drug resale market is estimated at almost 10 million euros.

Customs officers seized 40 packages of cannabis resin weighing almost 1.5 tons.
Customs 66 – DR

At the direction of the prosecutor, the customs officers handed over the drivers to the judicial police. The investigation then proceeded under the direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction of Marseille, which took over the procedure.

In 2021, customs intercepted almost 75 tons of cannabis (+24% compared to 2020), of which 85% of the seizures were made on the roads of the agency. In the first seven months of 2022, cannabis seizures amounted to almost 42 tons.

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