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Thanks to Linky meter with which most houses in France are now equipped and Enedis application available to everyone with this meter, it is already possible to control their daily electricity consumption. But there are limits. He is consulted only for the past day, and not in real time. On the other hand, if the total consumption of the day before is known, it is not possible to distinguish between the consumption of a particular device.

However, it is technically possible, as suggested by the Ecojoko device. Based on the electrical signal signatures of the devices, it can distinguish between the devices and indicate whether the consumption is from a kitchen station, appliances, or even a hot water tank supply. We had the opportunity to install it to see how it works.

Installation: accessible to everyone

The problem with this type of device when it comes to electricity is the installation procedure. However, the designers promise that this is done very simply. Indeed, other than the screws, if you want to hang the elements on the wall, which remains optional, nothing technical is included in the package.

There is a watch face that communicates information and its power, a sensor and its box that already houses the batteries (2 years of autonomy), as well as an ethernet cable if you want to connect the watch face in this way and not ‘with home WiFi.

The socalled “assistant” Ethernet port is located on the back of the device near the power cable connection.


This helper can be wallmounted, but another accessory also allows you to place it on a piece of furniture. In any case, it should be near the outlet. Since this device also records temperature and humidity levels, it may be interesting to place it in a living area away from a heater and windows if you want stable readings.

Three buttons on the device allow you to move between the four main screens or change the displayed data.


The sensor and its box are more impressive, but do not have to be installed in a conspicuous place. The sensor is fixed with adhesive on the circuit breaker, and the attached battery box can also be placed or hung on the wall.



All these indications are provided by the assistant of the application, which primarily helps us connect the watch face to our home WiFi network. The QR code to be scanned on the watch face allows you to set up the connection.

Circuit breaker

We then head to attach the sensor to the circuit breaker. It is placed above or below to pick up the electrical signal. As specified, this is not a Linka counter, but a general machine at home.

WiFi connection

Finally, you must fill in information about the type of current contract with the electricity supplier and the instructions regarding the Linky account. They are easy to find using the Enedis app by creating an account if you haven’t already.


Application and measures

Without waiting, the assistant reveals the first information. The main dial displays the current consumption in real time, as well as the temperature and humidity level in the room.


We find the same information in the application with access to history.


But Ecojoko can do much more. After installation, you need to wait at least 7 days to see weekly savings and 21 days to access consumption analysis according to usage. Thus, it will be able to determine the energy used for heating, cooking or household appliances.

This leaves time to navigate through the various options. In particular, we find that Ecojoko can also take into account gas consumption, even if the sensor is not designed to measure. The user is prompted to enter meter readings on a regular basis so that the application can evaluate the resulting savings.

The menu also has a grading system that will allow you to rank your accommodation in relation to other Ecojoko owners. Messages inform you about noticeable facts, such as deleting or saving records.


The most interesting thing after the prescribed three weeks of observations is the analysis of consumption. Even if this is a known fact, it makes sure that heating is an important expense, such as cooking or even filtering the water in the pool. The watch face, which displays measurements in real time, is very useful and allows you to think about what is causing the peak in consumption when you see the panic in numbers.

Thus, when the oven turns on or when the washing machine heats up the water, the consumption increases in real time. We also get involved in the game by watching the numbers waltz when the TV or computer is turned on or off. This makes it possible, for example, to understand that lighting ultimately has a rather low impact compared to multimedia devices or energyintensive household appliances.

If the analysis of measures does not motivate enough to change habits, Ecojoko suggests that you set yourself tasks to be completed, with an assessment of possible savings. With diligence and assuming that everyone in the house plays the game, you can save several hundred euros by changing the way you use devices.

Measures and advice

From the first weeks, the result is felt and of course the application records the data. The poster in euros, not in kWh, allows a better assessment of the effort involved.


Using Ecojoko can also be an element that encourages you to make other investments. If the boiler room is too large, regulation with a connected thermostat and thermostatic radiator heads can give a serious boost. Standby devices that are too greedy can be controlled with connected outlets set to turn off at night when there are no people around.

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As a result, Ecojoko turns out to be a very good addition to Linky Meter Measurements which are not accurate enough to identify the most important items of expenditure. Depending on usage, a multimonth rental offer can be a bargain, but the purchase price remains reasonable considering the savings the device brings. The Ecojoko connected energysaving assistant can be purchased for 199 euros or rented from the manufacturer’s website for 7.99 euros per month without any obligations.

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