Ecologists want to ban meat, but say nothing against smoking, alcoholism, marijuana or obesity… Strange

The radical left is led by environmental leaders who sow moral lessons in every file.


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While the environmental movement attacks meat consumption, it is deafeningly silent in the face of tobacco, alcohol or marijuana consumption, not to mention obesity.

Ever since they joined forces with France Insoumise, environmentalists have grouped their demands under the ecological, social and social label. All objects of social struggle seem good to them, even if this means that they sometimes find themselves at the center of controversies that will punish them politically.

When they fight police brutality, they find it difficult to demand that the police do their job. When they rightly condemn men who abuse women, they are forced to admit that some of their leaders have committed this kind of sexist or sexual atrocity. But at the same time, they also forget to protect women, who are not spared in the Islamic world.

The debate launched by Fabien Roussel, general secretary of the Communist Party, about the need to defend a France that works against one that lives off aid, is very dangerous for the extreme left, which risks being split.

The question of the company, its profits, the market economy and even capitalism is still muted. But these questions will come to the fore when it comes to pensions, taxation, or even the role of business.

The wall of reality will crack and eventually destroy any political alliance dominated by extremist ideology. Everyday life, the reality of economic and financial markets cannot coexist with an ideology, a religious and sectarian project.

There will always be, especially on the left, the radical left and the pragmatic left. So to speak, a reformer. But right now, the radical left is clearly in the lead.

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And today, the radical left is led by environmental leaders who sow moral lessons in every file.

Sandrine Rousseau became the star of radical provocations, condemning a number of practices in the modern economy. Air travel, for example, is like fishing against the environment. Calling for pension reform now is like forgetting that among our fundamental freedoms will be the right to be lazy.

Recently, the same Sandrine Rousseau, captured by legions of supporters, attacked the consumption of beef. Especially when cooking on the grill. We have dreams, or rather we have nightmares. Environmentalists give many arguments to justify their fines: too expensive, too polluting, etc. etc.

What is very surprising is that environmentalists forget in their accusation to denounce tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and obesity factors. Still, any honest ecologist should be concerned about this.

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs have been an evil that has been wreaking havoc in modern society for more than a century. Tobacco is the first cause of cancer in humans, and alcohol is the first cause of cardiovascular or neurological disease. Let’s skip the side effects they cause: traffic accidents or violence and delinquency. Obesity, like alcohol or tobacco, is a product of international capitalist organizations that environmentalists, very often socially minded, must attack in the name of the public good. Not a word about this type of human pollution, not a word about plans to liberalize cannabis by entrusting the organization of this trade to large tobacco or alcohol companies that are not in the mood for war in order to invest, at random. They know the market and networks.

For all these reasons, if there is no extreme left allied with environmentalists, it is also because these reasons are pre-election.

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