Economic satisfaction of Pearl Abyss in the first quarter of 2020

Pearl Abyss publishes accounts on the rise in the first quarter of 2020, thanks to the good performances of Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online (whose studio resumed operation in Japan, pending the West), but also of EVE Online .

Like every quarter, the group Pearl Abyss publishes its accounts and those of the first quarter of 2020 show positive results for the South Korean developer.
In accounting terms, Pearl Abyss claims revenue of 133.2 billion won (99.9 million euros) in the first quarter of 2020, almost similar to the results recorded for the same period in 2019 and growing by 14.2% compared to the previous quarter, end of 2019. The Korean group mainly announces an operating income of 46.2 billion won (34.7 million euros), for a net profit of 48.3 billion won (36.2 million euros), up 153% and 242% respectively compared to the first quarter of 2019.

Pearl Abyss explains these results by the good performance of its license Black desert : Black desert online on PC and Black Desert Mobile… on mobile platforms.
If the place of the mobile game has a bit declined in the turnover of the studio (54% in early 2020 against 57% the previous quarter), Black Desert Mobile remains the main source of income for Pearl Abyss.

As for Black Desert Online, the MMO benefits in particular from cross-play on consoles which has boosted game servers on living room platforms, from the organization of several in-game animations for the anniversary of its launch in different regions, but also because Pearl Abyss has recovered the operating rights for the Japanese version of its action MMO and therefore now fully benefits from the results of the game in the Japanese archipelago, without intermediaries.
As we know, this is not the first time that Pearl Abyss has taken over the operation of a localized version of its game (the studio now also operates the Russian version of Black Desert).
What about the western version, currently operated by Kakao Games Europe ? Asked on the subject by the South Korean press as part of the question and answer game following the presentation of his accounts, Pearl Abyss declined to comment except that at present, there n is not provided that the contract [avec Kakao Games Europe] be renewed. In other words, when the exploitation rights for the Western version expire, Pearl Abyss will resume exploitation on its own account – it remains to be seen whether Western players will be able to transfer their game account to the operation.
And we understand the studio’s appetite for the western version of Black Desert since the West is now the first geographic area of ​​activity for Pearl Abyss (42%, against 24% for South Korea and 34% for Southeast Asia).

At the same time, Pearl Abyss is also now the mother house of CCP Games and Eve Online is not forgotten. Despite the great age of the game, Pearl Abyss believes in its future and praises the modifications made to the MMO to better accommodate new players and counts especially on the Chinese launch to inflate the turnover of the title – which records a turnover up 10.73 million euros in the first quarter of 2020 (against 9.3 million a quarter earlier).
In addition, the license must take advantage of the launch of EVE Echoes on mobile platforms.

Still at the forefront of future projects, Pearl Abyss is counting on Shadow Arena, his hybrid Battle Royale game. After four beta test phases, the game will launch on May 21 on PC. The developer also imagines him a future on consoles, but also ambitions on the esports scene in the coming months. In the longer term, the studio relies on Crimson Desert (in 2021), then his monster collection game DokeV (in 2022) and its MMO shooter Plan8 (in 2023).



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