Economy in Pau: Bearn Elon Musk coming soon? “Nothing is forbidden”

What is your roadmap for these two years in office?

We will strive to develop the community so that it gets to know each other, so that it enjoys sharing existing or new moments …

What is your roadmap for these two years in office?

We will strive to develop the community so that it gets to know each other, so that it enjoys sharing strong moments that already exist or are new, such as the Meet Your Startup evening, where large groups and institutions get to know innovative companies.

To find funds?

One of French Tech’s missions is to attract talent and investors, but it’s about experimenting with large groups. They define the budgetary need for innovative companies to offer solutions. It is about creating synergy and cooperation between them. This is fundamental. In the same vein, one of the missions is to bring innovative companies in the territory to large innovative organizations such as CES in Las Vegas, Viva Tech in France, etc.

What is the purpose?

It is necessary to see how things are going elsewhere, to challenge our decisions with other companies, to find partnerships, markets, distributors outside of our borders… Through French Tech it is important that “we pass on a certain number of opportunities”. what startups can grab to enter a larger market. This is already the case with Holis, for example. Most of their figure is outside.

From there to imagine Bearn Elon Musk?

Absolutely nothing can be banned. Before they got to Silicon Valley or anything like that, they were in the territories. Large cities do not have a monopoly on innovation. It is in our power to promote the nuggets that we have in our territory. You must keep the ambition.

And yet the gulf between Paris and the provinces still exists…

We can reduce it, but there will always be a gap due to the number of start-ups concentrated in Paris. We must use the opportunities in Paris to bring them back to the provinces. The Parisian ecosystem is open to start-ups in the provinces from the moment you give yourself the funds and desire…

Our territory is agricultural. Can agricultural technology be specific to French Tech Pau Béarn?

On our territory, agrotech has a significant share that needs to be declared, but we do not have a very clear vertical. French Tech brings together innovative companies. We have a wide variety of companies involved in geoscience, finance, packaging, supply chain optimization… Each has its place.

Digital Transition no longer has a Secretary of State in the new government. Should we be concerned about this?

I don’t think so because so much is poured in. At major innovation events, the French Tech banner is one of the brightest of all countries in the world. So I don’t see French technology sinking into oblivion.

This sector, however, is quite fragile…

There are more cliffs, so it is important to support, mobilize funds, make the territory attractive. But it is in this sector that we see the most significant growth. If we look at the number of jobs created by innovative companies, we realize that fragility may lie elsewhere. This sector is as fragile as it is strong. We prefer to see the glass half full. Job creation will necessarily come at the expense of innovative companies, and large groups will be forced to move towards digital transformation.

(1) The Strategy Committee consists of twelve members, including the founders (Hélioparc, Agglo de Pau and CCI) and nine entrepreneurs. The network consists of 110 members.

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