Ecovacs Deebot T9 +: getting started

Manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners are developing their products to offer ever more new possibilities to users and go even further than what our classic vacuum cleaners offer or hand. The navigation systems are now perfected and it is the turn of the mop function and the little extras at the suction level to benefit from the developments.

Ecovacs notably offers two original functions in its latest T9 model or its version with T9 + emptying station. These models are equipped with an air freshener with scent capsule but also an oscillating mop to improve the cleaning of tiles and other non-textile surfaces. Today we are discovering this model and sharing our first steps in its implementation.

The package is made up like Russian dolls with two other containers placed next to the item that takes up the most space, the automatic emptying station. Note that this element is optional, we also find the Deebot T9 + sold alone, in this case it takes the name Deebot T9, without the “+”.

In another container are the accessories supplied by Ecovacs: 2 dust bags for the emptying station, the two side brushes to be fixed under the robot, the mop holder, ten disposable “mops” which will be attached to it. and a fragrance capsule for “air freshener” functionality.


Finally, we find the main interested in the last box, almost ready to be used once its side brushes installed. We can see the TrueDetect 3D sensors on the sides and the protrusion of the TrueMapping distance sensor at the top.


Under the robot we see the removable main brush which requires regular maintenance but not systematic, once a week according to the manual but this will also greatly depend on the frequency of cleaning and the clogging of the surfaces.


The air freshener is easily removed with its location to accommodate the scent capsule which ensures the diffusion of perfume for 60 days. We have not found this accessory for sale at the moment. On the other hand, we find disposable mops € 19.99 per set of 25 on Amazon.


On the hood of the vacuum cleaner the power button to be activated during the first start-up is clearly visible, next to the button to reset the WiFi during installation.


There is also a small accessory wire cutter and brush to clean the filter of the dust container. Even with a dump station it will be necessary to remember to clean it once a week according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Dust bin

We would have liked to immediately try spot cleaning with the mop to test this oscillation function as we had done with the Roborock S7 but the Deebot T9 does not have a physical button for this functionality. We therefore resign ourselves to going immediately to the installation via the application which is therefore essential, even if it is always possible to launch a blind cleaning with the physical start button.

The Ecovacs app is available for Android and iOS. Adding a robot is very simple by scanning the QR code located under the hood of the robot vacuum. We are then guided to connect the robot to Wifi and update its firmware. You can also change the language in the settings to make it “speak” in French.

Getting started

The robot expresses itself during the cleaning phases when starting up or returning to the station, for example. After installation we are ready to start the first cleaning. An important phase because the robot will begin to map the accessible rooms of the house, it is therefore recommended to leave the doors open to let it circulate and clear objects that could interfere with it.


At this stage we do not know more about the performance of the Deebot T9 + but its start-up suggests promising features such as the air cleaning function or the oscillating mop. This handling will be completed with a test on the functionalities in the coming days.

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