Ecovacs Deebot X1e Omni: robot vacuum cleaner with 3D camera and ten times the suction power

Ecovacs is offering a new robot vacuum, not really that new. Deebot X1e Omni is a cross between T10 and X1. It really borrows the AIVI 3.0 camera from the T10, less advanced than the 3D camera from the X10, allowing better recognition and thus better avoidance of obstacles. The 3D camera can recognize up to 38 different objects compared to 30 for the X1e AIVI 3.0.

On the other hand, the new robot is similar to the Ecovacs Deebot X10 in that it is equipped with the same suction power, which reaches 5000 Pa versus 3000 Pa for the T10. Then he will be able to better remove strong dirt, as well as those that are stuck in the grooves of the parquet.

This first X1e comes with an Omni base. Very complete, it includes a 3L dust bag and two 4L water tanks. She takes care of the maintenance of the robot as well as its maintenance, such as cleaning and drying mops.

Because yes, like his two friends, the robot is equipped with two mops running up to 180 rpm. It also retains its side brushes, as well as various features such as voice control, multi-storey maps, or programming of cleaning sessions.

Ecovacs Deebot X1e, priced slightly lower than the X1, is also getting a €300 discount until the end of January. Initially selling for 1299 euros, the robot is available from 999 euros.

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