Eden Games is working on a racing game in the metaverse

At the end of December, 70 employees of the Eden Games studio finished unpacking their boxes in the new premises on Rue Gerland. Moving from 440 m2 offices in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon to 1400 m2 on three levels in the 7th arrondissement, the studio has specialized in racing games (V-Rally, Test Drive Unlimited, Gear.Club, and Alone in the Dark since 2008 G.). ) is preparing for a future that looks ambitious.

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“When we arrived in the 3rd arrondissement in 2016, we were only about thirty,” smiles David Nadal, founder of the studio with Jean-Yves Geffroy. Eden Studios was formed in 1997 before becoming Eden Games, going from Infogrames to Atari before being liquidated in 2013 before relaunching as an independent studio. Today, Eden Games is primarily driven by the success of Gear.Club, available on mobile, Switch, PC, and consoles.

Acquired by blockchain gaming specialist

The studio, which is split between third-party projects (Schtroumpf Kart, released in late November with Microïds) and in-house projects, broke new ground when it acquired Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based company specializing in blockchain games, NFTs and supported by the metaverse. The ability to start building “an open-world racing game like Test Drive but in a metaverse, with an internal currency in the game, but that would have real value on the outside,” describes David Nadal.

Smurf Kart designed by Eden for Microïds.

Simplified: A player who upgrades his car in the game, or “dresses” his pilot with clothing offered by real studio partners, could ideally keep all this in other games. They can also sell in the form of an NFT (non-fungible token, a digital file that comes with a digital certificate of authenticity, making it unique and non-fungible) their maximum vehicle to other players in the virtual currency created for the game. , and return the fruits of the sale in real currency through cryptocurrencies.

Eden’s partner for this tech file is the specialized marketplace Open Sea. Discussions with possible partner brands are going well.

35 out of 70 employees dedicated themselves to Motorverse

The game will be free to download, start your adventure on PC first. Payments will allow you to progress in the game, but will not necessarily be necessary. “We don’t want to pay to win, someone who doesn’t want to pay will progress more slowly, but someone who is very experienced can ‘rival’ someone who has paid but is less good,” says David Nadal.

The stakes for Eden Games are considerable: 35 out of 70 employees are working on this project, which until now was unknown to the company. The ambition and detailed contours of the game will be determined by the reaction of the gaming community when Eden begins reporting on Motorverse, its tentative title, in 2023. “But whether it’s more or less ambitious, it will be the biggest project we’ve ever had. Gear.Club is a few million, there will be much more,” concludes David Nadal.

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