EDF launches into cloud computing and blockchain projects

Digital is an energy-intensive sector. According to Ademe, data centers could represent 13% of the world’s electricity in 2030, and 51% for the entire IT sector, the equivalent of 1,130 and 4,400 nuclear reactors respectively.

Claiming an eco-responsible approach, EDF is embarking on Cloud computing to resell its cloud computing resources and unused storage.

Via its subsidiary Exaion, the group announces an offer of “Blockchain as a service” (BaaS), as well as hosting data centers in containers. In addition, at the end of 2020, it will launch a secure vault service for crypto-active portfolios.

These services will be aimed at “businesses of all sizes, with a strong need for computing power for their digital projects”, the group said in a press release.

Exaion’s assets will be based in France and customer data will be hosted “under conditions that meet the highest level of security and resilience requirements,” says the energy company.

“Exaion supports the development of a digital economy without compromising on safety or environmental impact. This subsidiary is also a new French and European player in a growing global market, ”said Alexandre Perra, Group Executive Director in charge of Innovation, Corporate Responsibility and Strategy.


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