Edge: Microsoft is preparing an integrated VPN powered by Cloudflare

With Internet Explorer ending soon, Microsoft is looking to boost the appeal of its designated successor, Edge. To this end, the Redmond-based firm is aiming, among other things, to enrich its browser’s security offering with a new feature called “Edge Secure Network”. This built-in VPN service will be supported by Cloudflare, as outlined on a newly discovered Microsoft support page for the feature.

While this feature is highly anticipated, it is not yet available to Edge Dev Channel testers and there is no indication of when it will be available. The new Secure Web feature requires users to sign in to their Microsoft accounts and provides 1 GB of free data per month tied to Microsoft user accounts.

Edge Secure Network will encrypt users’ Internet connections by directing Edge data through an encrypted tunnel to create a secure connection, “even when using an insecure URL that starts with HTTP,” Microsoft said in a statement.

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This encryption gives users an extra layer of protection against hackers accessing browsing data over public Wi-Fi networks. Cloudflare permanently deletes all diagnostic and support data collected every 25 hours.

The Edge Secure Network feature can also help prevent online tracking, keep the user’s location private, and will be available for free, according to Microsoft’s online support page. Users will receive 1 GB of free data every month when they sign in to their Microsoft account. For instructions on enabling Secure Networking when it becomes available, see the article on the Edge support page.

Other browser vendors such as Opera already have built-in VPN services. For its part, Mozilla, while not integrating its own VPN into Firefox, has given its users access to the VPN separately.

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