Eduard Fritsch delays cannabis – Radio1 Tahiti

In his address to the Assembly this morning, the President made clear his reservations about legislation that could allow medical cannabis. In any case, it seems that the deadline has been postponed again.

Activists from the Tahiti Herb Culture Association also attended the meeting, eager to see progress on the therapeutic cannabis case led by Nicole Sanker during the session starting today. And despite signs that within two years the government was open to some liberalization, Eduard Fritsch dampened their hopes somewhat.

According to the President, the topic “concerns some, certainly not the majority of the population” – even if a poll at the end of 2021 showed that 62% of Polynesians used cannabis at least once in their lives, and 93% of respondents were in favor of legal medical cannabis. Even if all the parties that participated in the legislative elections then spoke in favor of the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The election fever has passed, apparently we must wait urgently.

“The government has done research on this issue, but before presenting you with the text of the law, I would like to see a real public debate on this issue so that the population is fully informed about all the intricacies of this file,” Eduard Fritsch said before continuing: “I am against the use of cannabis. The evil consequences of such a law will be our responsibility, we must discuss and inform about the dangers of such devices. »

Known studies are only in their infancy, the words of the president, who told Tahiti Infos in December 2021 that he hoped to change the legislation before the 2023 territorial elections, no longer seem relevant. Nicole Sanker shrugs: “Again, the president is confusing everything, we are not talking about cannabis as a drug, but about therapeutic cannabis … And he still offers a debate? This also means that they lied to us, promised a law by the end of 2021, then by the first half of 2022, and then there are disputes again … “

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