EG Vulcan: “I think I’ll change my style of play for the Rumble Stage, I’ll play a lot more carefully”

Taking second place in their group, Evil Geniuses qualified for the Rumble Stage Mid-Season Invitational 2022. After the return matches that were played yesterday, Vulcan, the support of this EG team, answered questions from our colleagues from the PentaQ website, the opportunity to return to the start of the tournament and talk about importing into LCS.

How do you feel about games at the moment?

So far, when it comes to this MSI, our games have been pretty disappointing. The match against ORDRE went according to plan, but against G2 we weren’t in the best position against them. We couldn’t win. So yes, it sucks, but at the same time, we knew that these games at this stage, in this group stage, do not matter much. Even if we succeed, there is no difference between the first and second place teams. If we manage to knock out G2 at the Rumble Stage, it will be more interesting to reach the playoffs. We are disappointed, but I don’t think that’s an excuse. We all did our best to win, we don’t let it affect us too much because we know what’s more important.

What do you think about playing MSI? How do you feel about participating in this international tournament?

I feel like I wasn’t good and I can still get better. I think for the next stage I will change my style of play. I think I will play a lot more carefully because I played carelessly and played too much. Particularly in the game against G2 where I tried to do too much in some hands. Yes, you just need to tone it down and play it smart. I will try to fix my game because I don’t think I played at my best level.

What do you think of this centuries-old rivalry between North America and Europe? Do you think this is a good story? Does it put pressure on you? Do you think it’s good for competition, or what do you think about it?

There is some pressure because the entire fan base is usually at odds, but at the same time, many consider us the losers in this rivalry. We don’t get as much pressure as we do in Europe, so I don’t feel much pressure from that side. I just think it’s a lot of fun to compete and play against Europe. You know their players better than players from other regions because they use English to communicate with you, so I think you will get to know them better. It makes games more fun, and yes, competition is a good thing. Unfortunately, it has been a bit unsatisfactory so far. We’ll see at the rumble stage.

People keep saying that North America has a lot of imports and the European players are still coming to you. What do you think of this statement?

Yes, North America has a lot of imports and I think it’s necessary. Clearly, there are talented players in North America, but fewer globally competitive players. Few need to have in the team of imported players. Europe doesn’t have a lot of imports, or none at all, because they have an ERL, they have a lot of talent development systems, they have a lot more players and a lot more people who play, so it’s easier for them not to have imports. It seems that we do not have such talented players, so it makes sense to import.

But you won the LCS without much import compared to other teams, right? What do you think of this change?

I think it’s a very good sign that we won with two very young players, Jojo seventeen and Danny eighteen. I think it’s very good, maybe the teams will look at the players who could be coached now. Maybe they will think twice about signing a Korean player, so I think that’s a good thing. But at the same time, I don’t want to deprive myself of the credits of Impact and Inspired, who performed very well throughout the LCS playoffs. I feel they are underestimated. When people talk about EG, they seem to focus on JoJo and Danny. I feel like it’s a collaboration, Inspired and Impact smurfed all weekend in Houston.

Do you think that your team’s victory in the LCS has changed the situation or the dynamics of imports in the LCS region? Telling everyone that we can win and that we are here at MSI?

Yes, I definitely think that people have more respect for young players and potentially give them a chance. While that doesn’t mean that just because JoJo and Danny won, there are still a lot of talented people posting solo questions every day, but maybe people will just watch a little more because we won with the rookies in the first split.

You are also known as the “King of the Spring” in the LPL and Xiaohu is also known as the “King of the Spring” because he also plays very well in the Spring Split. Are you looking forward to playing against him, someone with the same title as you?

I have heard of Xiaohu before and have played against him in various tournaments and positions. I played against him when he played mid and top lanes. I didn’t know he was also some kind of “King of Spring”, it would be fun to see who is the best “King of Spring” on the Rumble Stage.

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