EG7 cancels Daybreak Game’s Marvel MMORPG project

Officially announced last year, Daybreak Game’s Marvel MMORPG project has finally been cancelled. The budget allocated for it will be reinvested in other MMORPGs, including Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online.

The first rumored Marvel-licensed MMORPG project being developed by Daybreak Games was officially confirmed in late 2021 by Enad Global 7 (the parent company of Daybreak Game).

In the form of a press release, the same Enad Global 7 reports that it is backtracking: the Marvel MMORPG project has been abandoned. The Swedish group indicates that it has carried out a “reassessment of the risks” associated with the development of MMORPGs in terms of the amount of investment and its long-term strategy, and that as a result, the resources originally allocated for MMOs will eventually be reallocated to other projects.
In particular, Enad Global 7 has allocated more than 500 million SEK (about 47.5 million euros) to the development of this Marvel MMORPG over the next three years. This amount will eventually be distributed among other, larger and smaller projects, thus reducing the risk in the current uncertain economic context. Among its projects, EG7 mentions in particular the following updates to its other massively multiplayer games, including The Lord of the Rings Online (which should become prominent on the sidelines of the Amazon Prime series) and DC Universe Online, which we know the redesign has already underway – it will obviously benefit from additional resources.

Apart from the announcement, should we be surprised by the abandonment of this project? Maybe not. First, because we now know that Enad Global 7 makes a lot of announcements but shows few specific elements, and this Marvel MMORPG project was still very vague. And above all because Jack Emmert recently announced that he was leaving Enad Global 7 to start his own studio, Jackalope Games, with funding from NetEase. But Jack Emmert is now one of the great specialists in superhero MMOs, and he was supposed to oversee the development of the Marvel title. Therefore, his departure from Dimensional Ink, a subsidiary of Daybreak Game, did not bode well for the Marvel project. With a share of bad mood, one would even think that his projects at the very young Jackalope Games now have a better chance of success than at EG7.


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