Einride, autonomous truck specialist, builds in Germany

Einride, specialist in electric and autonomous trucks, starts production in Germany. The Swedish startup announced on 15 September 2022 that it has signed numerous partnerships with companies based in the country to transport their goods. Starting with Electrolux.

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Einride wants to open a regional office in Berlin. In addition to the German capital, she intends to create logistics centers in Hamburg and the Ruhr area. Finally, he wants to create a charging network along the most important trade routes in Germany. Specifically, the startup wants to help its customers electrify their fleet in the first place.

To do this, Einride has developed an intelligent freight management system: Einride Saga. Through Saga, shippers can access a roadmap for competitive electrification and automation (Evolve app), order and track shipments (Book), track routes and jobs (Orchestrate), and visualize data and gain insights (Explore).

From electrification to autonomous vehicles

“We know that through digitalization, automation and electrification, we can significantly reduce costs, delivery times and emissions,” says Robert Ziegler, general manager of Einride Europe. The startup, founded in 2016, has raised a total of $150 million since its inception to help electrify and automate trucking.

The company is developing two types of vehicles: its electric truck, capable of carrying large loads, is currently the main vehicle used by its customers; its small, self-contained delivery “pod” looks like a van without a driver’s cab. The first generation has already been tested on the open roads of Sweden and transported goods in the Oatly pilot project. Unlike many of its competitors, the startup chose to develop a truck specifically for autonomous driving rather than equipping existing trucks with its autonomous driving solution.

Einride already operates electric truck fleets in Sweden and the US. He has collaborated with brands such as Lidle, Maersk and Oatly. Its autonomous transport pods have already been tested by commercial customers. The startup would soon like to deploy its autonomous vehicles on public roads in the US in partnership with GE Appliances. Moving in that direction, the company announced last June that it had received clearance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for such a deployment.

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