Elden Ring: 2022 video game to get expansion rights

The rumor was persistent, now it’s official. Elden Ring, the crowned video game of 2022, will be eligible for additional content.

Many have been waiting for this announcement since last week. On February 25, the video game Elden Ring celebrated the first anniversary of its launch. But it wasn’t until Tuesday that FromSoftware officially finalized the expansion planned for the title voted best game of 2022.

“Get up Shatterless and let’s walk a new path together,” the game’s official Twitter account says.

The developers announced the news by posting an image on Twitter. In its announcement, the studio only reveals the name of this expansion: Shadow of the Erdtree (L’Ombre de l’Arbre-Monde, in French). The illustration accompanying the message shows a devastated world dotted with ghostly tombs where the World Tree has lost its brilliance and glow.

If the appearance of additional content for the title was not in doubt, the studio has not yet made an official announcement. But still have to wait before crossing the Entre-Terre again in dull skin. Release date not announced. The extension is “currently in development,” FromSoftware said in a post.

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