Elden Ring: Game composer talks about his favorite track!

In a recent interview with the PlayStation Blog, Tsukasa Saito, composer of Elden Ring, shared his favorite game title.

The Elden Ring soundtrack is about to hit streaming services. On this occasion, composer Tsukasa Saito revealed the name of his favorite song in the game MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

Elden Ring is the most successful video game ever

Released on February 25 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows, Elden Ring quickly won the hearts of video game fans.

And in vain! Apart from the amazing design, FromSoftware has created an amazing storyline. An intrigue that is the fruit of the collaboration of two masters.

On the one hand, Hidetaka Miyazaki. On the other hand, George R. R. Martin. Indeed, two artists worked hand in hand to create an extraordinary game.

In a recent interview with our peers from all over the world, the Japanese shared some additional details about this little wonder that has made many gamers happy since it hit the market.

For him, Elden Ring is a creation that encourages “pure and naive exploration of the unknown.” “During the development of Demon’s Souls, I found that in many games, the death or failure of the player is considered something bad.”

He also added, “I didn’t want to recreate that feeling. I wanted death to be necessary to progress so the player could pick themselves up and learn. »

Fact, reach the end of the Elden Ring adventure not easy. Good news for players who will be able to spend hours studying this creation.

What’s more, Hidetaka Miyazaki also explained, “I think showing beauty as arising from something unsettling, depressing, and distorting helps her shine with even more brilliance when the player finally sees her.”

As of today, Elden Ring is on its way to become the best game in history. And this is understandable! MCE TV will tell you more.

Game composer reveals his favorite title

If the images of the game and the plot are especially successful, then, it would seem, Elden Ring movie soundtrack also a real work of art.

So much so that the latter is about to hit streaming services. Good news for the fans. On this occasion, composer Saito named his favorite title.

The artist recently admitted on the PlayStation Blog that the title he is “most emotionally attached to” is simply “Elden Ring”.

During his interview, he revealed that the main problem with this composition was that he “had to represent the whole game”. He seems to have accomplished his mission brilliantly.

If he really likes “Elden Ring”, he is also very attached to the “Song of Honor”. “A title that is also a huge success. For their part, fans will now be able to listen to Saito’s songs in the form of a lambda playlist. Either way, one thing is for sure: Elden Ring has managed to make a name for itself on every level.

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