Elden Ring: Game Continues to Sell Well, Update to Latest Data

It’s been almost 3 months since Elden Ring was released, and the FromSoftware name continues to be buzzed around. It is inevitable that with many streamers and speedrunners always trying to get further in their performance, the game continues to attract attention. Bandai Namco Entertainment is back today to recap sales as the fiscal year for many video game players ended on March 31st. The game has sold at least 13.4 million Elden Ring games so far, or another 1.4 million copies within an additional month of its release. The success is great and few would bet on such popularity given the genre of the game and the demands placed on the players. If Elden Ring is the Japanese publisher’s biggest success to date, other titles like Tales of Arise (and its 2 million copies sold) see the company finish the year up 20% year-over-year. Bandai Namco Entertainment’s turnover ended at 889.27 billion yen, or approximately 6.4 billion euros. Nice.

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