Elden Ring: Maria from Bloodborne bears a resemblance to Malenia from the game!

Maria left no one indifferent in Bloodborne. And this integral character bears some resemblance to Malenia from Elden Ring!

AT Elden Ring, Malenia gives trouble to his opponents. Just like Maria in Bloodborne. You will see that these two characters have a lot in common. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Elden Ring sparks passion around the world

To date, thousands of you have succumbed to Elden Ring! Nothing particularly surprising … Everything is done for this.

You can shine every day on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5. Game lovers seem satisfied on all levels.

It must be said that Hidetaka Miyazaki’s universe, in collaboration with George R.R. Martin (author of The Iron Throne), is a little gem. In the Le Monde columns, the Japanese creator also shared some of the secrets behind the game’s success.

“During the development of Demon’s Souls. I found that in many games, the death or failure of the player is perceived as something bad, ”he said. But also: “I didn’t want to recreate that feeling. I wanted death to be necessary to progress, so the player could pick themselves up and learn.”

The main stakeholder wants gamers to outdo themselves during their games. “I think showing beauty as arising from something unsettling, depressing, and distorting helps her shine even brighter when the player finally sees her,” said Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The countless monsters have intrigued the players. For example, Worm, giant dogs and crows or even Godskin, just to name a few. But not only they… On the contrary!

Maria from Bloodborne is unanimous

Yes ancient ring is one of the most popular games at the moment… But Bloodborne is no exception. Through this nugget, mysterious intrigues are also woven. There are plenty of turns. Thanks Fromsoft!

There are many similarities between the two creations anyway, as Gamerant pointed out. Between weapons, fights, or even characters, you won’t be out of place.

Our colleagues also noticed that Malenia from Elden Ring and Maria from Bloodborne did not leave anyone indifferent. Both playable bosses are hard to beat.

The duo also have a more or less similar story. Yes, both women were cursed in the past.

In Bloodborne, you meet Maria, trapped in the Hunter’s Nightmare, in the Astral Clocktower. We remind you that a young woman jealously guards the secret of the fishing village: the orphans of Kos.

Of course, this is a difficult situation, but she also has extraordinary abilities. The same for Malenia! Although they are very different.

Both are also important members of their illustrious families. If we compare them with their siblings, they have a very different status.

If you want to fight them, note that their cutscenes are a bit similar. In Bloodborne, Lady Maria is waiting for you, motionless on a chair… She looks dead, but she’s a bait!

As soon as the Boss sees you… She will attack you. The same story with Malenya in Elden Ring. Fell into a coma when I woke up… You take it for your rank. Welcome!

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