Elden Ring: new details emerge

After a trailer leaked earlier this week, the action role-playing game Elden ring remakes the headlines. The Omnipotent user of the ResetEra community shared some rumors about this ambitious project developed by FromSoftware.

A source that has proven its worth in the past, Omnipotent lets us know that online features and a PVP mode are in the plans for Elden Ring. FromSoftware therefore seems to have taken note of one of the main criticisms of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which was content to deliver a single player mode and nothing else.

For fans of the series Souls, a similar hero class system will be offered in Elden Ring. Even the character creation would be very close to that seen in games developed by FromSoftware until today.

Asked to comment on the trailer’s leak earlier in the week, Omnipotent assures us that it was not at all voluntary on the part of FromSoftware or Bandai Namco. He recalls that this video should not be seen by the public and for internal use only. Bandai’s marketing plans would not be changed despite this unfortunate outcome for the publisher and the fact that a trailer has circulated does not say more about the release date of the ARPG.

Other important features of Elden Ring were not included in the trailer, including its evolved weather system. According to the source, there would therefore be many more interesting novelties which still remain secret for the moment. In conclusion, Omnipotent insists that the game Elden Ring is much more colorful than its predecessors in the Souls series to create a visual identity specific to this new license.

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