Elden Ring: The player makes an amazing illustration of Weik!

Like Fortnite, Elden Ring ignites international passions. Recently, a gamer honored Vayk with his art!

Elden Ring keeps dating Frank success all over the world. As proof, one player made a splash by making an incredible plywood illustration… Vaika. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Elden Ring: Vaik was honored by a gamer

With panache Elden Ring has established itself in world of games. Today you can shine on PlayStation 4 and 5. Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows!

Fans of the famous game are also spoiled for choice. To captivate the crowd, Fromsoftware placed the small plates inside the big ones.

Its breathtaking design never ceases to amaze gamers. The same story with intrigues that are also worth a detour.

It was the connection between the two geniuses that gave birth to Elden Ring. Indeed, Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin worked hand in hand.

In Le Monde columns, the Japanese designer made some revelations about this cute collaboration.

No less proud, he assures that Elden Ring is a game that encourages “pure and naive exploration of the unknown. “During the development of Demon’s Souls, I found that in many games, the player’s death or failure is considered a bad omen,” he said.

But also: “I didn’t want to recreate that feeling. I wanted death to be necessary to progress so the player could pick themselves up and learn. »

Every detail in Elden Ring is carefully thought out. “I think showing beauty as emerging from something unsettling, depressing and distorting helps her shine even more brightly when the player finally sees her,” he added.

Elden Ring characters are unique. Like Vick…

Elden Ring: The player makes an amazing illustration of Weik!

An amazing illustration that causes a stir

As you can see, Vike was honored a fan. This beautiful plywood design deserves attention!

Bosses and NPCs are clearly popular in Elden Ring. However, they do not give gifts to gamers.

It’s impossible to ignore Melania or even Rennala to name a few. No matter! Vaik has countless fans around the world.

And we can say that it is not convenient. He definitely gave you trouble in the Liurnia Lakes area.

His list of attacks is quite impressive. Facing him can also cause you to go insane.

You can also encounter him as a boss in Lord Pretender’s Evergoal. In any case, Vayk excites no less than he scares in Elden Ring.

Recently, Reddit player Pure-Object7149 unleashed passions with an illustration of an action movie. By uploading an image of the character, he managed to pump it in a big way.

Thus, shadows and details have been improved. Which makes the drawing much more realistic.

On the Web, many Internet users reacted to the work. According to some reports, the author simply used charcoal. Great job!

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