Elder Scrolls Online Lost Depths DLC Gameplay Trailer

Zenimax and Bethesda have released a new gameplay teaser trailer for the Elder Scrolls Online Lost Depths DLC, which is now available from today along with the latest base game patch 35 that has also been released. The Lost Depths expansion is available through either an ESO Plus subscription or purchase with crowns from the ingame ESO Crown Store.

“Dive into The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths and uncover the secrets of the Sistres archipelago as you explore two exciting new dungeons. Face the invading Firesong Circle in the Earthroot Enclave and explore the lost lore of the Druid King in Graven Deep as you uncover new stories that continue the ongoing yearlong adventure of the Breton Legacy. What will you discover, buried deep under sea and land?

Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths

– Continue your yearlong adventure with two new stories that connect the events of the High Isle chapter and the epic saga’s final story DLC.
– Protect the beleaguered Earthroot Enclave from the Firesong Circle and protect the mystical relics hidden deep within this ancient shrine.
– Join the hunt for the legendary Druid King’s longhidden secret as you explore the dangerous region of the Abecean Sea known as the Graven.
– Get new rewards only available in the Lost Depths DLC, including unique achievements, item sets, collectibles and more.

Source: ECO

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