Elections: when my region changes my daily life

In 2016, to be as close as possible to the inhabitants and carry out major projects, we decided to merge the regions. In mainland France, we went from 22 to 13 with additional resources of just over 35 billion euros. Contrary to what one might think, the regions do not deal with social or security matters. They manage high schools, vocational training, help businesses and organize transport with very concrete effects on the lives of residents. In Angers, for example, the brand new Trélazé station was largely funded by the Pays de la Loire region. For most residents, the arrival of this station changed everything.

And then there are also long-term projects. For five years, the regions have financed the installation of fiber, very high speed Internet. In Brittany, it is a project worth more than a billion euros. And that changes everything for the Cazuc family: network video games for the children and full-time teleworking for the father. For the moment, only 10% of households in Brittany have access to very high speed. The region’s goal is for all residents to have access to fiber within five years.

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