Electric car: why change your energy supplier?

Hybrid and electric vehicles are still more plentiful in France. Perhaps you already own one of these vehicles or plan to purchase one soon. When buying an electric car, the most often asked question is: how is charging going? There are many options in France, and more than 30,000 terminals are already available to the public. Shopping malls and motorway networks make it more and more accessible in their parking lots.

Want to save on your electricity bills? Let’s discuss it directly!

But in the end, when you get home, how do you charge your car? Do you already have a charging station at home? Or are you using a regular power outlet? ins

Even electric car designers say that a household outlet is not the best option for permanently connecting your car, even though it is a starting point or troubleshooting solution. This is not about the quality of the load, but about the continuous load (on average 8 to 10 hours) of the electrical installation (risk of overheating). It is also a good idea to make sure it meets the standards.

That being said, regardless of your current level of equipment, we suggest that you take a quick overview of the options available to you in order to determine the best energy supplier: one that suits your needs and helps you control your budget

Installing the charging station

Charging your car at the home terminal

One of the main advantages of this approach is the ability to charge your car three to five times faster than from a regular outlet. It also offers the ability to program charge times to sync with off-peak hours, such as in the evening or on weekends.

A specialist company will install your charging station after conducting electrical diagnostics of your home. This helps to determine the best place (for example, on one of the walls of the garage); The closer to the parking lot, the better.

The price of the charging station depends in part on your energy supplier, as well as the cost per kilowatt-hour, which varies depending on the contract you have signed; Perhaps the one that your supplier offers will hesitate (see table below). The price can also depend on the battery capacity of your electric vehicle.

Finally, you may be eligible for financial assistance that will allow you to equip yourself, whether you live in an individual or a community dwelling.

Select your energy provider

We reached out to three vendors currently on the market that offer exceptional EV packages. Some of them even offer discounts on your monthly bills if you choose to charge your car from home. These suppliers:

Energy Supplier: EDF Logo

Electricity production and supply company

Energy Supplier: Barry Logo

Danish neo-energy provider, 100% digital

Energy Supplier: TotalEnergies logo

Previously Total; energy production and supply company

Here’s an overview of their respective offerings:

ISP Sentence Benefits Price Monthly subscription
Min. Maximum
EDF Green Auto Electricity – 50% night and weekend Full hours Off-peak hours weekend € 13.16 € 38.76
€ 21.79 / month 12.84 € / month 12.84 € / month
for hybrid or electric vehicles Green electricity guarantee
Barry Dynamic pricing: pay at market price The price you pay is the market price Prices are not fixed. 14 euros 23 €
Example of prices for July 6:
and enjoy when prices fall You will be informed about changes 24 hours in advance. Market price € 0.180 / kWh incl. Taxes / Regulated price € 0.158 / kWh incl. Taxes.
TOTAL ENERGY Super off-peak hours Up to 4 hours of ultra-high load per day Full hours Off-peak hours Super off-peak hours 2.99 € 5.99 euros
Savings up to 237 euros. 0.122 € / kWh 0.0803 € / kWh 0.0610 € / kWh
Green energy (wind and solar)

No contract to sign

Stop: no contract to sign

As you can see by reading this chart, these energy providers have solutions to balance your budget. Each of them has their own suggestions for hybrid or electric vehicle owners. In addition, all suggestions listed here without engagement… This way, you don’t need to sign a long-term contract to take advantage of it!

For example, TotalEnergies offers the option of installing your charging station from 990 euros. In addition, the sign guarantees that the installed equipment will be compatible with your car, and you have several options for location: indoors or outdoors. You can install a charging station at home and change supplier at the same time… It is so simple !

Now that you know a little more about the best electricity providers, the formulas they offer, and the list of benefits of installing a charging station tailored to your lifestyle, what do you think about it? With the added bonus of all the options available to you to help you manage your budget, why not pick a charging station at home, pick the right supplier and save a little at the same time?

And even if you don’t have a hybrid or EV yet, there are benefits, and it’s very stimulating. You can save on your monthly bills simply by being the owner of one of these vehicles. Suppliers EDF, Barry and Total Energies have tailored offerings to suit your needs and desires!

Bonus: you are protecting the environment at the same time!

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