Electric cars: is the Chinese manufacturer more efficient than the Germans? –

There are many issues that need to be addressed for the electric vehicle, infrastructure, recharging, cost, usage… but if there is one unresolved issue, it is autonomy.

Nio ET7 before Mercedes EQS?

In anticipation of solid-state batteries, billed as revolutionary but not available until the end of the decade, some manufacturers are looking for a less sophisticated alternative – semi-solid batteries that use a solid electrolyte.

They will offer higher energy densities than current lithium-ion electric vehicles, bringing them closer to the fateful 1,000 km milestone. The Chinese company WeLion has just made progress in this field and should provide since 2023 car manufacturer Nio.

Ability demonstration 150 kWh, this semi-solid battery will be integrated into the Nio ET7, which has just gone on sale in Germany. Its effective autonomy based on the WLTP standard should reach 850 kilometersperformance surpasses the Mercedes EQS, which is currently dominating the debate with around 780km on the clock.


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