Electric guitar made from 1000 recycled aluminum cans

If you’re interested in building your own electric guitar out of recycled aluminum cans, you’ll love the new video posted to YouTube this month by Burlls Art. Using 1,000 recycled aluminum cans melted in a homemade furnace, the molten aluminum was first cast into bars and then poured into the final guitar parts, ready for finishing and assembly. Check out the full process below to learn more about what you need to do to make your own electric guitar from recycled aluminum drink cans.

cast aluminum electric guitar

Electric guitar made from aluminum cans

“Hands do not blacken from playing this guitar. Perhaps over time, if the surface corrodes, this may play a role. I mentioned this in a follow up video (link in description) – I was thinking about anodizing or a clear finish but opted for a polished look instead. The only downside to aluminum so far has been that hands can get very cold while playing. But after about 10 minutes of playing, body temperature raises the temperature of the guitar so much that you don’t notice it. Thank you for watching!”

If you want to learn more about electronics or find inspiration for your next DIY project, head over to the Adafruit Blog using the link below.

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