Electronic equipment soon to be confronted with the flair of police dogs?

Nowadays, our electronic devices say a lot about our actions. The American authorities have understood this well, they who now train their police dogs to hunt electronic devices that could provide essential evidence in criminal cases. Example with Sota, a black Labrador belonging to the police of Minnesota.

According to the local daily Star Tribune, Sota is able to sniff out small electronic devices – including smartphones, USB sticks and microSD cards – which may contain key evidence in a wide variety of cases, relating to both sexual abuse and pedophilia. or financial crimes. Two-year-old Sota made her debut this week with a public presentation hosted by the state’s Department of Public Security (DPS).

Dogs like Sota, known as Electronic Storage Sensing (ESD), are able to recognize a particular chemical commonly found on coatings applied to small electronic devices called triphenylphosphine oxide (TPPO). As such, Labradors are considered a suitable breed for this type of work, given their general food motivation.

A recent trend

While Sota is the first police dog in Minnesota to focus primarily on electronics screening, her training also points to a new trend in police dog training. Rather than training dogs to focus on guns and drugs, law enforcement has gone from three electronics sniffer dogs in the United States two years ago to “three dozen” who are now working in the United States. the country.

Dogs like Sota have been trained in the United States since 2011, but it was in 2015 that Bear, a black Labrador trained to sniff triphenylphosphine oxide, showed his worth in a child pornography case, by finding a USB drive. hidden that had escaped investigators.

This discovery led a man to be convicted of sexual abuse and distribution of child pornography, which earned him a 15-year prison sentence and a fine of $ 175,000. De facto opening the way to a new field for the favorite doggies of the police.

Source: .com

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