Élevey: a video game champion goes into business

Stéphanie Harvey, known under the pseudo of ” missharvey “, Five-time world video game champion Counterstrike, launched this fall Elevey, a non-gendered clothing brand that aims to make the web a healthier space. Behind the clothing line is an activist for diversity and well-being in the digital community.

Rose water is the first collection of the brand created by the young entrepreneur. It includes t-shirts, hoodies, masks and jackets: according to its designer, the collection aims to be comfortable, practical and artistic, the design having been inspired by pop fashion and Esport culture, among others.

For Stéphanie Harvey, Elevey is a way to give back to the community. Being semi-retired from her career as a professional Esport player, ” the feeling of excitement closest to competition is [celui] to give back », Explains the young woman of 34 years. Thus, 75% of the profits made on the masks are given to the organization Cybersmile, whose mission is ” focused on digital wellness, cyberbullying and online harassment, According to the brand’s official website.

The world champion has worked with the organization for a long time, since the values ​​of Cybersmile are similar to those the activist defends. Dan Raisbeck, co-founder of Cybersmile, said to himself ” extremely grateful, honored and enthusiastic “As to the gift of Stéphanie Harvey, describing her as” a benevolent force for many years.

From toxicity to cybercitizenship

VSeach piece of the collection embodies whatElevey represents according to Stéphanie Harvey. Some pieces represent myths that she tries to deconstruct: The “pew pew”, written on [un des] T-shirt, is often associated with violence in the game, but put with the flower, it is to show […] that peace and love go hand in hand with video games, and it has been proven time and time again, »She explains.

One of the main missions of the brand is to promote the concept of cybercitizenship, which consists of what the entrepreneur calls ” the three C’s »: The brand encourages those who wear it to denounce cyberbullying, fight cyber addiction and promote cybersecurity. ” I am talking about cybercitizenship and not cyberbullying only, because it is, in my opinion, impossible to fix the cyberbullying you experience if you don’t talk about cybercitizenship », She believes.

Stéphanie Harvey deplores the lack of recognition of the online label: “ We are only talking about toxicity, but not enough about cybercitizenship. For her, the behavioral problems that we find in video games are not exclusive to the games themselves, but rather stem from a lack of knowledge about the behaviors to adopt as a digital citizen, and this, in the set of digital space.

The lack of education about healthy interactions to adopt online is glaring according to the professional player. ” we are completely missing the point right now, we have no internet education », Believes the one who believes that the concept of the three C’s should be taught by teachers and parents from elementary school. However, she regrets that too few of them and they are really informed to help children when they surf the web.

Encouraged by the positive reactions, the creator ofElevey plans to work on a second collection soon.

Photos provided by Élevey

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