Elgato Wave DX dynamic microphone for content creators and gamers

Elgato has unveiled a new dynamic microphone ideal for content creators and streamers, offering an XLR microphone with “proven dynamic capsule technology” developed in collaboration with Lewitt Audio. The Elgato Wave DX Gaming Microphone was designed to help you transform your setup into a powerful broadcast studio and is now available directly from Elgato and CORSAIR online stores, as well as from partners and resellers worldwide for $100 USD.

Designed to provide content creators, streamers and gamers with accurate vocals without coloration, Wave DX captures pure audio to make it easier than ever for creators to create their sonic signature with effects and EQ, the press release explains.

“The wide cardioid pickup pattern captures realistic low frequencies and detailed high frequencies while suppressing unwanted background noise. An internal pop filter reduces pop and hiss caused by plosive speech sounds, while steel construction reduces internal noise artifacts and protects the capsule. The detachable logo can be attached to the left or right of the microphone and rotated to face the camera directly, while the included mono mount prevents the connected XLR cable from snagging.”

dynamic gaming microphone

“Following the groundbreaking release of Wave:3, we set out to create a high quality yet affordable dynamic microphone that sounds incredible,” said Julian Fest, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Elgato. “Being an analog microphone, the Wave DX will fit any XLR configuration. But plug it into the Elgato Wave XLR interface and you get a complete broadcast setup powered by Wave Link mixing software, VST sound effects and Stream Deck control that unifies your entire streaming or podcasting setup. It is this interoperability that makes the Elgato ecosystem so powerful and we are excited to expand our line of audio systems with the Wave DX.”

“Paired with the Wave XLR microphone interface (available bundled at, the Wave DX integrates with the powerful Elgato Wave Link software mixer, allowing music creators to mix microphone feeds with multiple audio sources, create submixes and add thirds. VST effects, including EQ, compression or reverb. Creators with GeForce RTX GPUs can also benefit from NVIDIA Broadcast integration, which enables AIbased noise reduction and room echo effects that dramatically improve audio quality.

Like all Elgato software, Wave Link integrates seamlessly with the Stream Deck to give you instant tactile control over your entire audio experience. Wave XLR also simplifies control of the Wave DX with a silent capacitive mute button and multifunction control dial, while Elgato’s renowned Clipguard technology prevents audio distortion at peak input levels.”

Source: Elgato

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