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Dismantling a drug trafficking network with connections in Morocco

The Spanish National Police announced the elimination of a criminal group in the municipality of Vilagarcia de Aruza in Galicia (northwest) that specializes in drug trafficking and has links to other criminal organizations in several countries, including Morocco, Spanish news agency Europa Press reported.
According to an investigation by the national police, the “leader” of this criminal group, Ramon Dorgambide, had links to other criminal organizations, in particular in Morocco and Portugal, and has the necessary infrastructure to transport drugs in large quantities. The national police, cited by Europa Press, also believe that after the arrests made last Monday, mainly in the municipalities of the Ria de Arosa, the Galician criminal organization involved in the import of hashish has been liquidated.
As part of this operation, the security forces conducted a total of 23 house searches, arrested 27 people in several locations, and seized five tons of hashish. Of these 27 people, 16 were released without going to court after interrogation at the police headquarters. The head of the Court of Investigation No. 1, Vilagarcia de Arosa, on Wednesday collected statements from 11 other detainees.
Investigations related to this operation began in September 2021, when it became known that the criminal group was smuggling large quantities of hashish into Spain on fishing boats and speedboats. The operation is still ongoing, according to the National Police, and further arrests cannot be ruled out in the coming weeks. Drug trafficking from Morocco continues to make headlines in Spain, with seizures of large quantities of hashish often reported. Last March, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) indicated that Morocco, the world’s largest hashish producer, remains the main source of cannabis resin entering the European Union (EU).
And in June, the 2022 World Drug Report released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) indicated that Morocco still ranks first in the list of main countries of origin and origin of cannabis resin, making this country the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of this drug. The report cites Morocco as the first African country in terms of the importance of cannabis cultivation during the 2010-2020 decade.

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