Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is postponed to fall 2021

Frontier Developments, creator of Elite Dangerous, announces that Its Odyssey expansion is postponed to fall 2021 on Xbox One. The reason given would be the current pandemic, responsible for a significant delay in its development.

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration game released on Xbox One in 2015. Just like No Man’s Sky, his world is constantly expanding, thanks to major updates enriching the experience. When it was released, flying your ship was the only way to have fun, with a galaxy as your playground. The expansion Horizons gave the right to land on the planets, while integrating a co-op mode. The next expansion, Odyssey, will allow among other things to get out of his machine and walk around as he pleases, always in first person view. A lot of modeling work and a major evolution of gameplay, which alone justify the delay in its development!

To note that Elite Dangerous Horizons is free for all game owners basic since October 2020. If you want to get used to this highly realistic world before the arrival of Odyssey, It’s here that it happens.

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