Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Major expansion finds a release date

Game news Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Major expansion finds a release date


It’s been a long time now that Odyssey, the major expansion of Elite Dangerous, has been desired by budding explorers. It must be said that this new extension intends to breathe new life into the title by highlighting the fighting on the ground for the first time. Good news, this wait is coming to an end! In addition to offering us a brand new video available below, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey finally unveils the release date of its PC version.

Players will therefore be able to set foot on the ground from the May 19 next on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Indeed, the extension will be available on this date and will notably offer future Commanders to participate in raids on foot with other players. Of course, this expansion will also allow players to customize their character with combinations and specialized equipment.

Odyssey is the most ambitious Elite Dangerous expansion to date, delivering on the promise of allowing Commanders to explore atmospheric planets on foot for the first time, take on new missions and engage in combat. intense tactics, expanding the gameplay of Elite Dangerous from the iconic cockpit experience players have come to know and love over the past seven years.

Note that players can gather in social centers to plan missions, form alliances or to buy and improve equipment.

Everything is already available for pre-order at a price of € 34.99. Note, however, that it is possible to purchase the Deluxe Alpha expansion pack at a price of € 46.99 to have direct access to the Alpha phase (which ends on April 30), and to collect the tape- official sound of the game. For all pre-orders, players will get the exclusive “Pioneer Suit” skin as a bonus.

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