Elon Musk, a mirror of our short-sighted leaders

Posted by Jonathan Boucher-Petersen

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The ambitious billionaire now head of Twitter lashes out at excesses and provocations. But why do our political elites leave him a monopoly on dreams and audacity?

From a moral, social and even philosophical point of view, Elon Musk has something to reproach for. On a Democratic level, we can worry about his influence, especially since this patented Republican-supporting libertarian with Trump sauce has taken control of Twitter. But if the richest man in the world fascinates as well as unsettling, it is also because this strategist of chaos, the source of many astonishments, does not hesitate to claim that he wants to push back, with the help of queen technology, the current limits of humanity and pave new ways of which one may wonder if they are all desirable.

global application

He sends his Space X rockets into space with the strong support of NASA and therefore the American public. It lines the skies with communications satellites, fueling Starlink’s new form of pollution above our heads and creating a possible global surveillance network.

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