Elon Musk and CEO Siobhan Zilis ‘conceived twins with IVF’ as CEO says only MORE babies will stop population collapse – Noufelle FR

Siobhan Zilis, CEO of ELON Musk and Neuralink, is said to have conceived his twins through in vitro fertilization.

Zilis, 36, gave birth to Musk’s twin last November and now claims she and the tech mogul never had a romantic or sexual relationship, Reuters reports.


The allegations came hours after Musk tweeted again about


According to the publication, citing five people familiar with the matter, the 36-year-old performer told her colleagues that she conceived children with the help of IVF.

Despite the claims, Reuters was unable to confirm the Zilis IVF rumors.

Neuralink’s policies prohibit employees from having “personal relationships” and “close friendships” with anyone in a higher position to avoid a “conflict of interest”.

However, Reuters reports that company management “accepted” Zilis’ explanation that her arrangement with Musk was unromantic, and she has since been allowed to continue in that role.

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Zilis, Musk or Nueralink did not respond to the claims.

The report comes hours after Tesla’s CEO tweeted that only more kids would stop the demographic decline.

“Population decline due to low birth rates poses a far greater risk to civilization than global warming,” Musk tweeted, prompting Tesla owners’ Silicon Valley account to wonder if that was the only solution.

“Are children the only solution? I think there should be a ton of education on this subject,” the Twitter page asked, when the tech guru simply replied, “Yes.”

Musk concluded his rant by tweeting, “Pay attention to these words.

“(And I think global warming is a big risk.) »


Musk now has nine children, including two sets of twins and a pair of triplets.

He has five children from his relationship with Justine Wilson, which ended in divorce in 2008.

Sadly, Musk’s first child with Wilson, Nevada Alexander Musk, died 10 weeks after his birth in 2002 from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The founder of Space X has two children with his ex-girlfriend Claire Boucher, also known as singer Grimes.

Elon Musk believes that low birth rates pose a greater risk to civilization than global warming


Elon Musk is the father of nine children from three different women



He has already declared his desire to have more children to help save civilization.

He said, “People are missing, I can’t stress enough. There are not enough people. If people don’t have more children, civilization will collapse. Pay attention to my words. »

After the announcement of the birth of his twins with Zilis, Musk apparently joked that he was trying to help the Earth in the face of a “crisis of underpopulation.”

“I will do my best to help the crisis of small population,” wrote the richest man in the world.

“Falling birth rates are by far the biggest danger facing civilization. »

He added again: “Pay attention to my words, they are, unfortunately, true. »

In 2021, in response to a tweet praising him for his large family, Musk repeated the “demographic collapse” again.

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“I try to set a good example! The collapse of the population is a much bigger problem than people think, and it concerns only the Earth.

“Mars is in dire need of a population, as the population is currently zero. »

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