Elon Musk announced the upcoming removal of 1.5 billion Twitter accounts

Spring cleaning is announced on Twitter. His boss, Elon Musk, posted on the social media site this Friday, December 9, 2022, that 1.5 billion accounts are about to be deleted, according to Phonandroid.

All inactive accounts will be attacked. “This is an apparent deletion of an account without tweeting or logging in for years,” Elon Musk said in another tweet. This means that, in all likelihood, accounts without tweets, but whose users connect to the platform, are not affected by this massive cleanup.

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Nicknames are available again

This decision by Elon Musk suits many users quite well. They may be able to register on the platform with the alias they have always wanted. Often there is a refusal to register on the platform with a chosen nickname due to the presence of namesakes who have registered before us.

Elon Musk has made other decisions, less unanimous, such as his announced “general amnesty” to restore the accounts of people who were blocked in the past.

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