Elon Musk counterattacks Twitter by exposing lies and misinformation

The soap opera of the summer continues with a new tweet against Elon Musk. This weekend, the businessman really decided to fight back and file a complaint against Twitter in a Delaware court specializing in commercial law.

This document 164 pages at the moment confidential and is not yet available to the general public (should be in about a week). According to The Wall Street Journal, this is where he will maintain his line of defense.

Recall that the businessman was sued online for violating his $44 billion takeover bid. He blames the platform for creating retention information necessary for this operation, in particular makeup, put up (even lie) real numbers regarding Spam and fake accounts. He would also argue that the platform is overpriced number of monetized active usersa key indicator for the group and investors.

For its part, Twitter openly claims to register less than 5% of fake accounts. The media is trying Elon Musk’s power make a ransom or at least receive an amount of severance payments, which can go up to 1 billion dollars….

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