Elon Musk cuts severance pay for dismissed Twitter employees and warned them about using spam

When Elon Musk took over Twitter and fired almost half of his original employees, his team made sure that the employees who were fired and those who decided to leave the organization received a good severance pay, which included health insurance for several people. . per month and other benefits.

Elon Musk assured the dismissed Twitter employees that he would receive a good severance pay, as well as some benefits. However, the actual severance pay received by former Twitter employees was significantly less than what they were entitled to.

So much so that many former employees have actually decided to start their own business using severance pay. However, all this was based on verbal assurances. Most of those fired by Musk and his team were due to receive severance letters by the first week of January 2023, which officially stated what they would receive as part of their severance pay.

According to a Fortune report, the compensation awarded to former Twitter employees is well below what they were entitled to. The same report also revealed that the severance pay letter was in such a format that it ended up in the spam folder, and many employees skipped the letter.

Musk has been sued by several different groups of former Twitter employees for various reasons, all of which have to do with how Twitter fired employees or forced employees to leave the company.

In an effort to cut costs, Musk not only instructed Twitter’s financial teams not to pay the vendors they worked with, but also not to pay rent for the office space they occupied.

Moreover, Musk was actually trying to fight off the payment of some kind of severance pay, because of which he was already embroiled in another lawsuit.

Musk has also stopped offering free meals, a policy introduced by Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. Musk also ordered his team to auction off kitchen appliances, unused furniture and several other trinkets from Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Twitter recently laid off more staff, in particular from the Trust and Safety team, which primarily handles global content moderation and closely monitors hate speech and harassment on the platform. In addition, the report also shows that the company has fired employees from the disinformation policy, global appeals, and government media teams on the platform.

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