Elon Musk denounces Wall Street Journal false information

The Wall Street Journal is not in the habit of spreading false rumors, but we must believe that times are changing. What is particularly shocking about this story is the ease with which some journalists can penetrate people’s private lives. Does this topic really interest readers of the Wall Street Journal?

What facts does the Wall Street Journal report?

If you don’t know, Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google. Elon Musk is quite frank about his lifestyle. He has repeatedly stated that he would rather spend the night with friends in Silicon Valley than own villas and penthouses.

In his statements, including his first real revelations he shared with Ashley Vance, he called Sergey Brin his friend and his master whenever the two men so desired.

Based on these elements and according to anonymous sources, the journalist claims that the reason for the divorce of the latter was the affair between Elon Musk and the wife of Sergey Brin.

Elon Musk sharply criticized the newspaper for lying

The Tesla founder notes in a tweet that this is not the first time the tabloid has spread false rumors.

Apart from the fact that these elements relate to personal life. False information calls into question the credibility of the sources of all newspapers. Indeed, the journalist based his entire article on evidence. This is not enough and rather derogatory to the WSJ brand image.

Tesla Mag Viewpoint

It is quite obvious that in addition to testimony, journalists should also request other information. These can be screenshots, videos, or any formal evidence that allows the reader to verify the information and form an opinion.

On this subject, Elon Musk very quickly explained that his friendship with Sergey Brin is intact and that they were together the night before, photo to confirm.

Here is a photo shared by a reliable source that we have been following for several years.

At Tesla Mag, we research many sources before sharing information. I would like to quote Jonna Kreider’s point of view on Teslarati because I know her involvement in her work as a journalist and also because she had the opportunity to meet Elon Musk in person:

“I met with Elon Musk, and he did not seem to me a person who would offend his friends. I believe him. I have seen so many compromising articles on him and it is incredibly sad that these organizations go to such lengths to destroy the reputation of a kind man.

Some critics of Elon and Tesla often tell me that I’m not a real journalist because I didn’t go to college. Or that I’m not a real journalist because I support Elon Musk. However, I have always been open about my support for the latter.”

For my part, it’s important for me to point out that, according to everything we’ve learned about Elon Musk, we know this impossible story, and we think it’s fair that the WSJ will express its opinion on this matter by issuing a public apology to the director. concerned because this lack of rigor inevitably affects the lives of the people mentioned. And again, this undermines the journalist as a whole!

More information about Elon Musk?

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