Elon Musk fears we may not have enough people to populate Mars

According to WorldMeters, the Earth ended 2021 with a population of 7.9 billion people. An analysis by the MacroTrends group indicates that last year it had an average fertility rate of 2.2 children per woman (0.41% less than in 2020, which in turn had the same percentage drop for 2019, which had the same figure for 2018).

In other figures, Statista shows that 49% of women worldwide between the ages of 15 and 49 have adopted a contraceptive method to avoid pregnancy.

“If there aren’t enough people for Earth anymore, then there definitely won’t be enough people for Mars,” Musk said in another tweet.

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The problem with Musk’s calculation, according to some of those who responded to the post, is that it only makes sense on a cursory analysis: Projections indicate that if every person on planet Earth were next to each other, “the world “Would fit comfortably on one person. . Manhattan, New York.

But this perspective does not take into account the space needed for resources: as some users have pointed out in response to the billionaire, even if a person occupies -himself- little physical space, he would still need more land available for, for example, cultivating what is necessary . goods intended for the production of food or clothing. “All of a sudden, a person ends up using a lot of space when you consider these details,” said user James Moriarty, a fiction author, who also mentioned other needs: power-producing structures or the occupancy occupied by production. waste, for example.

Incidentally, the numbers cited by Musk in subsequent tweets, which contain links to stories highlighting the global birthrate decline, consider only the stated result, without mentioning too much of its context: Since February 2020, we are in a declared pandemic. officially globalized. – tends to make people more cautious, postponing plans to “make babies”.

Elon Musk believes that Earth’s population decline should put humanity at risk (Image: Naresh777/)

This, in addition to other questions also pointed out by Internet users: will the entire world agree to abandon meat consumption and adopt a vegan diet? Otherwise, we will need space to raise cattle or ponds to fish, to cite one more example.

Musk’s concern, however, has some logic: About a year ago (specifically on January 17, 2020), the CEO, in another of his many series of tweets, said that he intended to manufacture about 1,000 units himself. same. , which will be used to bring a million people to Mars to build a smart city.

This, of course, as part of an interplanetary plan to ensure the survival of the human species that is threatened, among many other factors, by the… overpopulation of the Earth. At least that’s one of many theories. Others include excessive consumerism and the production of goods at a rate faster than the Earth can compensate.

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