Elon Musk filed a complaint against Twitter, which dared to sue him

The circle is complete: Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, is at the center of a legal saga with the social network Twitter. As he is being sued for non-compliance, the Tesla boss decided to take the lead by filing a complaint against Twitter in a Delaware court.

Love story between Twitter as well as Elon Musk didn’t last very long. Deciding in a few months to buy the social network Twitter, the Tesla boss refused: as a result, the contract was not concluded, as we had already assumed. As a result, the platform accuses the American billionaire of abandoning his buyout obligations. Thus, the company logically took the case to court, except that instead of defending himself, Elon Musk, in turn, would have decided to file a complaint against Twitter in a Delaware court.

This counter-offensive is well timed, given that it comes only a few days after date of lawsuit filed by Twitter. This is definitely the start of a long legal epic that we’ll be keeping an eye on. Recall that the first meeting of the parties will be held on October 17. In the meantime, it should be noted that this complaint by Elon Musk has not been made public, it remains confidential for now. But the argument advanced last will be based on false information shared by Twitter. According to our source, after accepting the billionaire’s offer, the social network would have transmitted erroneous data about the users of the site being bought out. Elon Musk will advance the argument that Twitter lied about the number of users that can be redeemed.

Elon Musk responded to Twitter complaint by filing a complaint in turn

It all started in April when, against all odds, the American billionaire decided to acquire Twitter for a tidy sum of 44 billion euros. At the time, nothing predicted the legal saga we know today. But in July, Elon Musk abstracts, believing that he was fooled by Twitter. According to him, the San Francisco-based company’s data on automated accounts and spam is incorrect.

The cancellation of the jacket did not sit well with Twitter, which filed a complaint in a Delaware court on July 12 in the process. The idea was to force the biggest fortune in the world to live up to its obligations. In the absence of redemption the social network at least would like to recover compensation from Elon Musk for unilateral breach of contract. The firm, for its part, denies any claims about the numbers it might have passed on and claims that less than 5% of active account holders are unreliable. Enough to convince Elon Musk? Not sure as he also filed a complaint against Twitter, surprisingly still in a Delaware court. It must be said that the social network is going through a rather delicate period with falling headlines and falling advertising revenue. This is another matter, likely to tarnish his image a little on the inside for a few months.

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