Elon Musk has beefed up his security, says his father

Quirky billionaire Elon Musk has had to beef up his personal safety and the safety of his loved ones after death threats spiked after the files were posted on Twitter in the fall.

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Errol Musk said in an interview with the US Sun that his son fears the kidnappers are imagining they pocketed the jackpot in time to say so by attacking his family.

“After recent threats against him, he decided that I needed protection too,” said the 60-year-old South African.

As such, the camera system, electric fences, and armed guards now protect Errol’s home.

Fears intensified after Elon Musk posted the Twitter Files, a series of behind-the-scenes Twitter docs, in December.

The billionaire also attacked an Internet user and journalists who, ironically, on Twitter, were transmitting information about the movements of his aircraft in real time.

“I think Elon is a little naive about the enemies he makes, especially with the Twitter files. I’m not scared, but I’m afraid that something will happen to Elon, even though there are 100 guards around him, ”Errol continued in an interview with US Sun.

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